Wildwood Community School, Inc. admits parents, teachers, and students of any protected class to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities accorded or made available to parents/teachers and students at the school or through its extended programs. It does not discriminate on the basis of protected class in administration of its educational policies, athletic and other school-administered programs.

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Wildwood Community School is a devoted small Christ-centered K-12 school committed to providing a Charlotte Mason “living education” to students of diverse backgrounds. The source of all truth is God Himself (John 1:14), and truths are communicated to us through His Word, through other people, and through His creation (Romans 1:20). Partnering with family and community, we will guide and empower each student to achieve a life rich in relationship to God, self, others, ideas, and all of creation.

Wildwood is modeled after:

Wildwood Community School uses elements of the curriculum designed by AmblesideOnline. See License Agreement. The basis of this curriculum is found in the writings of Charlotte Mason.

With the recognition that all people are created in the image of God, we at Wildwood Community School felt the need to find and implement a curriculum that would allow for connections to be made on a deeper level than is often found. Our motto, “I am, I ought, I can, I will,” is solidified through the resources chosen in the curriculum. First and foremost, Charlotte Mason is a 12-year Christian Character Building curriculum.


The curriculum consists primarily of “living books;" that is, vital books that allow the mind to work to assimilate information for knowledge.  We have chosen the best books for the purpose of educating children for life. The goal is not to produce good students but people who love life and all that entails.


The disciplinary and inspirational subjects covered consist of:


  • arithmetic and mathematics,

  • geography,

  • foreign language,

  • art and music instruction,

  • oral composition with phonics and reading instruction,

  • grammar,

  • recitation and dictation,

  • essays,

  • various handwork,

  • and information technology.

You can view our Language Arts scope and sequence here.

Other subjects include:


  • Bible,

  • art and music appreciation,

  • world and local history,

  • science with labs and nature study,

  • tales and fables/myths and legends,

  • literature

  • and poetry with an emphasis on the works of Shakespeare.

We have listed these in this way to show what is covered. With the exception of the areas that may require specific instruction, these are integrated throughout the day's learning. These are introduced as is developmentally appropriate for the students. As the methodology of a Charlotte Mason education is relational there are many opportunities for hands-on learning, dialogue, and exchange of ideas from books, nature, peers, and individuals from the community. As much time as possible during the school day is spent outdoors.

We also house a large library that students and their families are welcome to utilize. 

Does this type of school appeal to you but you are not able, or do not wish to enroll your student in a physical school? Would you like information on our online class offerings

Contact Blossom Barden at b.barden@wildwoodcs.org to learn more about this opportunity. 

We allow no separation to grow up between the intellectual and the ‘spiritual’ life of children, but teach them that the Divine Spirit has constant access to their spirits, and is their continual Helper in all the interests, duties and joys of life. ~Charlotte Mason, 20th Principle

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