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"Perhaps no knowledge is more delightful than such an intimacy with the earth's surface, region by region, as should enable the map of any region to unfold a panorama of delight, disclosing not only mountains, rivers, frontiers, the great features we know as 'Geography,' but associations, occupations, some parts of the past and much of the present, of every part of this beautiful earth." ~Charlotte Mason, A Philosophy of Education

Form III

Shape of the Earth - Compass

Directions - Earth's orbit

Maps - Climate - Oceans

Great Lakes region - Midwest - Greenland, Italy, Asia, Orient

Form IV

Map work - Historical maps - Map drills - Lewis & Clark's Expedition - England, U.S.A., Scotland - identify geography from news and current events 

Some of our books: London to Land's End, Undaunted Courage, A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland

Landforms - Food crops - Vegetation - Mining - Animal features - How people live - Mississippi River - 

U.S.A., Mexico, Haiti, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa

Form V

Map work - Historical maps - Map drills - Oregon Trail - Middle East, Ireland, Antartica, Italy - identify geography from news and current events

Map work - Historical maps - Map drills - Hebrides, Faroes, Iceland, and along the coast of Greenland, Ireland, Newfoundland (Canada), Atlantic Ocean, Spain, Portugal, West Indies, Pacific Ocean, Peru, Polynesia

Some of our books: The Brendan Voyage, How the Heather Looks, The Life of Christopher Columbus

Map work - Historical maps - Map drills - identify geography from news and current events 

Some of our books: Endurance, Under the Tuscan Sun, books by H. V. Morton

Some of our books: The Oregon Trail, Narrative of Six Weeks in Ireland

This is an overview of the many areas we will cover in our geography study. It does not include our community connections and field trips. If you have questions, please contact us. We would love to talk with you!

Form II

Form VI

Form I

Some of our books: Paddle to the Sea, Tree in the Trail, Marco Polo

Some of our books: Minn of Mississippi, Complete Book of Marvels, The Story of David Livingstone

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